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Monday, May 23, 2005

Hunting Hard... in Alaska! by Marc Taylor

Reviewed by Steve Sorensen
As your first step to a successful hunt
in Alaska, this book is a must.
It may not be a stretch to say that every hunter from the lower 48 dreams of hunting "The Great Land," Alaska. Back when I was a teenager, a buddy and I built a treehouse while talking about someday hunting the far-off forty-ninth state. Reared on the stories in Outdoor Life, we hoped that one day we'd make our own adventure. I'm glad to say that both of us eventually did.

Many hunters never do, often because both the planning and knowing what to expect from an Alaskan hunt are difficult. If that describes you, read Marc Taylor's book and you'll know what every dreamer needs to know to make the dream come true.

I can tell you that this book tells it like it is -- hunting in Alaska is not for the faint of heart. You don't go for a casual afternoon hunt in Alaska; it requires thorough planning and total commitment. In these 215 pages Taylor lays out everything, so that the novice can make his seemingly impossible dream come true and the returning hunter can learn more of what he needs to know about hunting any of Alaska’s "big five," moose, caribou, mountain goat, Dall sheep, or the great brown bear.

I can vouch for his accuracy, his thoroughness, and his wisdom. A former Marine Corps sniper instructor, he has put the teacher side of him into this book as well as the hunter side. From experience, he knows exactly what it takes to plan and execute a successful hunt, and as a teacher he guides you in planning it as well as anyone can. While reading the book, I thought about my own successful moose adventure a few years ago and wondered if he'd really cover everything. He did, interspersing dozens of tips that other writers generally overlook.

This superb book whets the reader's appetite for the hunt, beginning with 4 stories of Taylor's own hunts. They tell what Taylor believes you must know -- that hunting is hard in Alaska -- but they also illustrate many of the things he teaches in the remaining pages. The book is divided into short chapters, making it extremely useful and easy to find anything for re-reading. The index is another help, making this more than a "how-to" book. It's a reference book you'll rely on when you take your own trip whether you plan a self-guided or a guided hunt. And photos add to the enjoyment of reading.

Conditions are unpredictable. Danger is never far away. And killing your game is only the beginning. Once you've accepted these as axiomatic, you're ready to hunt hard… in Alaska. As your first step to a successful hunt in Alaska, this book is a must. Buy it from Marc Taylor's own website (where you'll see some other items you might want as well), or order it at and save 15%.